Getting around with Metrovalencia - Regulations

Fare System

The current regulations governing fares are detailed below.

Travelling with a ticket

It is obligatory to be in possession of a valid ticket and show it to the inspector whenever asked to do so.

Cancelling tickets

It is obligatory to cancel any multiple-journey ticket before starting your journey and when you changeover to Metrovalencia lines or the EMT.

Ticket malfunction

If your ticket does not work properly, you should seek an immediate replacement at any station ticket office.

Individual use

The TATs and Travel Passes are personal and non-transferable.

Child Travel

All children under 10 years of age may travel free of charge while accompanied by an adult. There is a limit of 2 minors per adult with valid transport card. Additional children must pay a complete journey.

Shared ticket use

The B-10 and Bonometro can only be used simultaneously by two or more people if they are all making the same journey.

Changeover time limit

The maximum period of time allowed for making a changeover from the tram to any other FGV line is 90 minutes.


Failure to fulfil all regulations will be sanctioned with fines between 30 and 517 Euros (R.D. 1211/ 1990, 28th of September).