Getting around with Metrovalencia - Regulations

Transport Guidelines and Regulations 

Transport Ticket

  • Acquire and validate your transport ticket for the zones you need. Keep it until you leave  FGV. facilities. 
  • FGV may request to verify ticket and holder’s proof of identification at any of its facilities.
  • FGV may confiscate invalid tickets or fraudulently used tickets.


  • Journeys must be non-stop except for changeovers
  • Once ticket is validated, you have a limited time to travel. For journeys throughout zones 1 or 2 (90 min), 3 zones (120 min) or 4 zones (150 min).
  • The TuiN Card must be validated upon entering and exiting, except on trams, where validation is only required upon entering.
  • If changing over involves EMT, travel time is limited to 50 minutes from validation of ticket.

Inspection and Control

  • FGV personnel with these functions are legally awarded Agents of Authority.
  • Aggression, intimidation or gross disobedience by Agents is a serious offense according to the Penal Code and carries up to a 4-year jail sentence.
  • The fine for travelling without a valid transport ticket is 50 €.

Children under 10

  • Children may travel free of charge while accompanied by an adult with a valid transport ticket. A maximum of 2 children may travel per each adult.
  • FGV may request document to prove children’s age.


  • Use the lift at underground stations to transport strollers and fold them if using mechanical stairs.
  • During Fallas and other events in the city, strollers should be folded.

Reserved Seats

Respect priority of people with reduced mobility or travelling with small children, seniors and pregnant women in seats reserved for them. 

Stop request

At trams and halts request stop sufficiently in advance.


Allow for passengers to disembark before boarding train.

Bulky or dangerous objects

In consideration of other passengers, do not introduce bulky or dangerous objects in trains and refrain from doing anything that may disturb others.


Bicycles may be transported on:

  • Working days: only on ground level stretches.
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: throughout the network.
  • Fallas and the night of San Juan: Bicycles may not be transported throughout the network.
  • Folding bicycles may be transported as a package at any time.
  • Transport Conditions.


Animals may not travel throughout the network, except:

  • Guide dogs for people with disabilities or with trainers.
  • Dogs working with security forces.
  • Small domestic animals in cages or pet carriers.

Lost and Found

If you lose anything in a train or station, consult our customer services offices, attended stations or call 900 46 10 46.

It is prohibited to:

  • Put circulation or the integrity of other passenger in danger.
  • Transport explosive or flammable material as well as cumbersome packages or objects that may damage FGV facilities.
  • Enter driver’s cabin.
  • Smoke in all FGV vehicles and facilities.
  • Put up posters or distribute non-authorized advertising as well as peddling or begging.
  • Board trains outside of established stops or after the sound signalling doors closing.
  • Travel outside of designated areas.
  • Pass the yellow security line on platforms before the train has come to a halt.
  • Impede or force the closing of train doors.
  • Use security or rescue equipment installed for emergency use only without justified cause.
  • Consume alcoholic drinks or any other type of drug.
  • Use sound devices that may disturb other passengers.
  • Record video or images for public broadcast or commercial use without corresponding permit.
  • Use skateboards or roller blades or similar wheeled vehicles at FGV facilities.
  • Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in fines of up to 2.000 euros in accordance with Law 6/2011 on Mobility in The Valencian Community dated April the 1st and established by la Generalitat.


We are at your service at customer service offices , attended stations and on the Metrovalencia website.

Instructions from Personnel

Passengers must always adhere to instructions given by Metrovalencia personnel.

Download .pdf version of Metrovalencia Transport Guidelines and Regulations