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Fares valid from 1st January 2015.  See the information the exchange of new tickets.

TuiN Card

The TuiN card is a new smart, single travel card for travel throughout the Metrovalencia network. All your routes in an only travel card. You can acquire the ticket by charging a minimum balance of 10 € on your card. See the TuiN travel card conditions in this link.

Which travel card would you like?. Choose the traves card that best fits your needs.

Zone 10 journey Travelcard Travelcard 60×60 Monthly Travelcard Annual Travelcard Single fare Return Fare Monthly Travelcard Seniors
Annual Travelcard
A 7,20  40,10  41,80 359,40 1,50 2,90
B 7,20  40,10 41,80 359,40 1,50 2,90
C 7,20  40,10 41,80 359,40 1,50 2,90
D 7,20 40,10 41,80 359,40 1,50 2,90
AB 10,40  57,55 53,80 450,90 2,10 4,00
BC 10,40  57,55 53,80 450,90 2,10 4,00
CD 10,40 57,55 53,80 450,90 2,10 4,00
ABC 14,00  77,70 63,50 535,80 2,80 5,30
BCD 14,00 77,70 63,50 535,80 2,80 5,30
ABCD 20,00 85,50 72,80 608,60 3,90 7,40 9,70 87,30


Children under 10 may travel free of charge while accompanied by an adult with a valid transport ticket. A maximum of 2 children may travel per each adult. FGV may request document to prove children’s age.

Móbilis Card

  • It’s the regular support used to record Metrovalencia transport tickets.
  • It can be made out of cardboard or plastic (PVC).
  • It’s reusable. You can either recharge it with the same type of ticket or charge it with a different type once the prior ticket charge has been used.
  • Price:
    • Personalized Mobilis Card: 4.00
    • Anonymous Mobilis card (PVC): 2.00 €
    • Anonymous Mobilis card (cardboard): 1.00

To find you zone fare, please check our Network map.

Integrated Tickets

  Metrovalencia, Metrobus and EMT Metrovalencia, EMT and Metrorbital
Zone Season ticket Bono Transbordo T-1 T-2 T-3
A 45,00 9,00 4,00 6,70 9,70
B 45,00          
C 45,00          
AB 58,30          
BC 58,30          
CD** 58,30          
ABC 68,70          
BCD** 68,70          
ABCD** 79,10          

Youth Travel Tickets

These tickets have a 15% discount on the ordinary travel ticket fare for passengers between 14 and 30 years of age that have a Carnet Jove. Access to the IVAJ site for Youth Travel Ticket.

Valencia Tourist Card

The tourist card is valid for metro, tram and urban bus, free entrance to municipal museums and monuments as well as special prices in shops, restaurants, leisure and tourist services in the city of Valencia. You’ll find further information on the Valencia Tourist Card at this link.


  • ** The integrated tickets "AT monthly" combined areas suitable for CD, BCD or ABCD, are sold exclusively by FGV travelers that go to or coming from the TM Sagunto.
  • Mobilis Card of the AVM: 5,00 euros

To find you zone fare, please check our Network map. 

Metrovalencia Fares brochure in .pdf


Zona 50 % deduction on single journey tickets for retired pensioners (*)
A 1,50
B 1,50
C 1,50
D 1,50
AB 1,50
BC 1,50
CD 1,50
ABC 1,50
BCD 1,50
ABCD 1,95

(*) Persons over 65 years of age and Spanish Social Security retired pensioners as well as civil passive classes who can prove their personal status may obtain a 50% deduction on single journey tickets (limited to minimum established price). The minimum established price is 1,50 euros per ticket, taxes and obligatory passenger insurance is included.

To find you zone fare, please check our Network map.  Fares valid from 1st January 2015 (Approved by the Valencian Community fare commission).

Metrovalencia Fares brochure in .pdf