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Route Guide – Introduction

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has put together a route guide called “BICI + METRO” at Metrovalencia with two aims in mind: to promote the combined use of bicycles and public transport and to enable awareness of the cultural and scenic heritage throughout the metro network.

The guide is made up of a total of 18 routes that have been created by a team of experts in bicycle tourism through a detailed analysis of the landscape, history, traditions, monuments and socioeconomic features of the different towns where Metrovalencia offers transport services.

The combined use of metro and bicycle make it possible to reach these circuits without the need of a car to get away from the areas most saturated by urbanization and traffic.

These routes can be done either on bicycle or on foot. Only the duration of the different stages and the degree of physical endurance required would vary.

All of the routes have one thing in common. They start at a metro station or stop and end at another. This is different from what would happen if motorized vehicles were used. Our approach allows us to cover complete routes without having to return along the same route to reach the starting point and pick our motorized vehicle up.