Contactless Cards

Since 1st January 2009 Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana has implemented the Smart Card system. In these cards you can charge these transport titles: Bonometro (10, 20 or 30 journey ticket), Bono Transbordo (10 journey ticket for metro, tramway and bus), Gent Major (Monthly or Yearly ticket for old people) and Abono de Transporte (Monthly ticket for metro, tramway and bus). On 1st May 2010, the single and return tickets adopted this system as well.

The Contactless Cards work by proximity; if you put the card close to the reader, the access gates open.

Their use entails many advantages for the operation and the users of Metrovalencia: a quicker access through the ticket barriers, more reliability, less card damage and less maintenance of the access equipment as the machines do not have mechanical elements.

There are two kinds of Contactless Cards to choose from: cardboard or PVC. Both of them can be recharged in the automatic selling machines at the ticket offices of Metrovalencia and recharge your card through Internet, cash dispensers and mobile phones.

The cardboard Contactless Cards have a one-year warranty and expire after three years. The PVC card has a warranty and expiration period of five years, and it can have your personal data (to charge the Títulos de Abono Temporal) or not.

In this project, promoted by the Entidad de Transporte Metropolitano (eTM), Metrovalencia takes part with the collaboration of the Empresa Municipal de Transporte de Valencia (EMT) and the companies belonging to MetroBus.

Contactless Cards
Soporte no personalizado de cartón de Metrovalencia
Soporte no personalizado de plástico de Metrovalencia
Soporte personalizado Gent Major de Metrovalencia
Soporte personalizado Móbilis
soporte personalizado de Metrovalencia soporte personalizado Móbilis
soporte no personalizado Móbilis soporte no personalizado Móbilis


1.    What is the access system?

It is a collection of elements used by the customer to access to the transport system offered by Metrovalencia: ticket barriers, ticket offices, automatic ticket machines, consulting equipments, etc.

2.    What is a title of transport?

It is the element that gives you the right to use the transport system offered by Metrovalencia, traditionally known as ‘ticket’.
Until now, when you bought a title of transport, this was a magnetic cardboard and when the title was outdated or it run out of journeys, the ticket was not valid anymore.
Moreover, customers must have a personal card to buy a monthly ticket or another temporary title.

3.    What does the new contactless access system consist of?

With the new contactless system, all the customers will have a card, which can be personalized (like a card of their own) or non-personalized (without the customer data).
From now on, most titles of transport will be charged in a card with a chip. Once they are used other you will be able to charge other ones.

4.    Have the Metrovalencia titles changed?

We still have the same titles, only the use conditions relative to the compulsory validation of some of them have changed.
Before, you only had to validate the multi-journey titles (for instance the Bonometro) every time you got on a train or tramway. You have to validate the temporary titles as well, at least in the first use of the first charge and of the consecutive extensions. For this reason, any traveller with a title charged but not validated will be considered as a non-ticketholder and will be fined. Besides, thanks to the new system, Metrovalencia is able to establish bonuses for the most loyal customers, the ones who, having a personalized card, sum up the biggest number of validations.

5.    Does the system change imply a fare rise?

Fares will be revised at the beginning of every year, as usual. Since 1st January there will be two different fares: the usual one for the titles and a new one for the cards, whose price will vary depending on it being made of cardboard or PVC, and on it being personalized or not.

6.    Then, will I have to pay the title and the card every time I go the ticket office?

NO. You will pay for the card only when you buy it; if the next time you come back with the same card you will only pay the title you recharge.

7.    How are the Metrovalencia cards?

Metrovalencia offers their customers four kinds of cards where  the titles valid for the Metrovalencia network can be charged:

- Personalized. The personalized card of Metrovalencia contains personal data and its owner photo. In it you can charge Metrovalencia-only temporary personalized titles (Título Familiar Fin de Semana) and you can use it for non-personalized titles too (like the Bonometro) provided that the temporary one has run out. In the latter case please remember that your card is personal and untransferable, and so it can only be used by its owner, although those people accompanying the holder can travel with him/her. This card has a  five-year validity and can be bought in Metrovalencia Customer Care Centres and ticket offices for 4 euros.
- Personalized Gent Major. To charge the title TAT Gent Major, in its monthly and yearly variants, you need to buy the specific Personalized Gent Major card, which has the same features related to the contained information, way of use, validity and price as the generic personalized card.
- Non-personalized . In these cards you can charge titles that do not need their owner to be identified (for example the Bonometro). They can be found in cardboard (in ticket offices and automatic ticket machines) and in PVC (in ticket offices only). The cardboard cards have a one-year warranty and the PVC ones are guaranteed for five years. Prices will be 1 and 2 euros respectively.

8.    Can I charge the contactless titles only in the Metrovalencia cards?

No, other transport companies give their customers other cards where you can charge specific or coordinated titles:

- Personalized Móbilis: here you can charge the Abono Transporte and specific  Metrovalencia, EMT and MetroBus titles. Its price is 4,5 euros.
- Non-personalized Móbilis: here you can charge the Bono Transbordo and specific Metrovalencia, EMT and MetroBus titles in which the user identity is not needed. Its price is 2 euros.
Both cards have a five-year warranty.

9.    Where can I buy the card?

You can buy the card in the usual selling points: Metrovalencia ticket offices, customer care centres and automatic ticket machines, and in authorized tobacconists and newsstands. In it you can carry out the charge, recharge and expansion operations.

10.    When I have just bought the card, can I travel with it?

The smart card is a container or wallet to keep or charge titles of transport and, in future, money. Its great advantage is that you can use it all the times you like. In the case of the personalized card first you have to charge it and pay for the title you wish to use. In the case of the non-personalized card the title is sold with the card.

11.    What is the title charge?

It is the action of buying a title of transport for the first time in an authorized point and recording internally this information in the chip contained in the card.

12.    If I have a run out Bonometro, can I charge another title?

When a title is outdated or it has run out, you can charge a different title too.

13.    What is the title extension?

The extension implies charging a new title of the same kind as the one formerly contained in the ticket, before this one runs out or expires. When the old title runs out or expires the new one will be automatically activated in the next validation. In the case of the AT you can have an activated title and another one as an extension. In Bonometros or Bono Transbordos you can make extensions up to 3 multi-journey titles (30 journeys). You can only extend a title when it has the current fare, that is, if you have bought it after the last fare change.

14.    What is the recharge?

It is the action of charging again the same title contained in the card, once it has expired or run out.

15.    How do you use the new smart cards?

With the new system you do not have to introduce the card through the ticket barrier slot; you only have to put it very close to the red circle (reader) on the ticket barrier. In the case of the multi-journey titles (Bonometro, Bono Transbordo,?) you have to put close and retire the card as many times as every traveller is going to use it.
If the customer has two contactless cards and puts them close to the reader at the same time, the system will detect this anomaly and will ask you to put close only one of them.

16.    When I validate the card, do I have to draw it from its cover?

In the Metrovalencia premises you do not have to draw it from your cover, wallet, bag or pocket, provided that the title is less than 10 cm. from the reader and there are no metallic elements between the card and the reader that can make the communication between them difficult.

17.    If I keep my card over the red circle, will it take out more journeys?

No. If you keep your card over the red circle (reader) the ticket barrier reading does not change. To validate more times you have to retire and put the card close to the reader again.

18.    Can the card validate accidentally if I walk near the reader?

No. The card will be read if it is located exactly on the red point centre at a distance of less than 10 cm during half a second at least.

19.    How can I know if the ticket barrier has read my card correctly?

In the validation process you can read on the ticket barrier screen the information related to the title charged in the card and to its validity (expiry date or journey credit). To indicate that the title is validated correctly, the equipment emits a high-pitched sound and shows the title data on the ticket barrier screen. Moreover, in some machines there is an arrow-shaped visual indicator which lights up in green. If the card does not contain a valid title (incorrect zone, expired title, etc.) will emit several short and high-pitched  whistles and will show the rejection reason. Likewise in some machines there is a cross-shaped visual indicator that will light up in red.

20.    As the cards do not have the title information printed, how can I know my journey credit or the expiry date?

Every time we validate our title to get on the train or tramway we can consult this information on the ticket barrier screen. Besides, Metrovalencia has set up consultation points on both sides of the validation line. Finally, you will be able to consult this information on the automatic ticket machines.

21.    What will happen if I have charged my smart card and it does not work?

Metrovalencia has computing methods to recover the card chip content and it will give you back your title. In case the chip is damaged we will replace your defective card with a new one provided that your card is in good condition, the chip number printed on the upper right side of the card can be read and its validity has not expired.

22.    What can I do if I lose my new personalized smart card or if it is stolen?

You will have to communicate this fact at once to the Entitat de Transport Metropolità (ETM) or to a Metrovalencia Customer Care Centre. At this time the stolen card is disabled. As soon as we can we will give you a new one with the title of transport it contained. You have to pay again for your personalized card; we will not charge you any amount for the title you had charged.

23.    Can I be affected by the card and reader ?waves??

The card does not emit waves, except when you put it close to the reader, and they have a very low power, so there is no danger at all. The reader emits a very weak field, with a really short range (a power one hundred times lower than the one sent by a mobile phone).