TuiN card

What is TuiN card?

The TuiN card is a smart, single travel card for travel throughout the Metrovalencia network with additional advantages.

How to charge it?

It can be charged onto any contactless travel card (TSC) valid for the Metrovalencia network. In the future it may also be charged on an NFC telephone and external sales networks.

If you already own a TSC, you can charge it when the current balance runs out. Otherwise you may purchase it pre-charged at the price set by FGV.

Where to purchase it?

Nowadays, you can charge it at Metrovalencia Customer Service Centres (CAC) and Customer Service Kiosks, where we will register your information to ensure you receive all of the advantages and help you resolve any possible incidences. You can also recharge your card at any ticket vending machine within the Metrovalencia network.

As of April 2015, you can charge cards directly at ticket vending machines, although we still recommend you register at our customer service centres or online to receive all of the advantages that we offer (balance reimbursement in case of loss or theft, recharging your card online, etc.).

Can I charge a new ticket if I still have journeys left from another ticket?

No. You must use your journeys before, then you can charge a new ticket.

What does it cost?

You can acquire the ticket by charging a minimum balance of 10 € on your card, and additional multiples of 1 € (you may not charge cents).

When you want to recharge your card balance, the minimum amount is also 10 € (and additional multiples of 1 €).

How much does each journey cost?

Once your card is charged, the price of each journey with the TuiN card is the same as a Bonometro:

  • 0,72 €  zone 1
  • 1,04 €, zone 2
  • 1,40 €, zone 3
  • 2      €, zone 4 (only airport).

Can I use the TuiN card with other operators (EMT, Metrobus…)?

Currently you can only use it on the Metrovalencia network but in the future other operators within the Metropolitan area will be included.

What advantages does it offer?

  • You may travel throughout the Metrovalencia network with the same ticket regardless of the number of zones and stations you cover during the journey.
  • Zone D (except airport) is considered to be Zone C for this ticket so you only have to pay three zones if you travel to Zone A.
  • La Zona B del tranvía se considera para este título como Zona A, por lo que solo tienes que pagar una zona si viajas a la Zona A.
  • Journeys between adjoining stations from different zones (including intermediate halts between those stations) will only cost the equivalent of one zone. This applies, for example, to journeys between Torrent and Picassent, L’Eliana and La Canyada, Bétera and Seminari, or Almàssera and Alboraya Peris Aragó.

Why is it smart?

Besides the commercial advantages, in the following months the TuiN card will include promotions for the use of temporary tickets on personalized cards. We will keep you informed.

How does it work?

When you travel on the Metrovalencia network with your TuiN card, the price of the journey equivalent to the zones you cover on each journey will be discounted from your card.

Validation depends on whether you travel on metro or tram:

  • Metro: you must always validate at the station or stop where you begin your journey and upon exiting, including ground level stations. This way, the card may record the journey you have taken and charge you accordingly. If you only validate the entrance or exit, the card will charge you for three zones.
  • Tram: you must validate at corresponding terminals before boarding. It is not necessary to validate at the end of your journey. The card will charge you for one zone.

Must I validate changeovers between metro and tram?

Yes, you must validate at stations whenever you changeover between metro and tranvía (Benimaclet, Empalme and Marítim Serrería):

a) If you go from tram to metro, you must have the minimum balance to travel on metro (see “what is the minimum balance necessary on my card to travel?”) and also validate upon exiting metro.

b) If you go from metro to tram, you needn’t validate upon exiting.

What happens if I don’t validate at beginning of journey?

According to FGV policy, travelling without a ticket is considered fraud and therefore corresponding charges will be applied. In any case, when you validate upon exiting, the fare corresponding to three zones will be discounted (except for journeys to airport, which is four zones).

What happens if I don’t validate at end of journey?

Except for when travelling on the tram, your card will be charged three zones (1,40 €) for each passenger. Therefore it is necessary to validate when travelling in one or two zones. If you do not want to consume more balance than needed for your journey, it is necessary to validate upon exiting.

What happens if the validation terminal is not operative and I am charged more than the journey I have taken?

You can go to any Metrovalencia customer service centre and after our agent verifies the incident, your balance will de rectified.

What is the minimum balance necessary on my card to travel?

On the metro network:

a) If you travel alone, you must have a minimum balance of 0,72 € in order to travel (except at airport, which is 2 €). If you take a journey that is more expensive than the balance on your card (for example, you travel through two or three zones), there will be a negative balance on your card that will be eliminated upon recharging your card. This is why we recommend you have the necessary balance to travel in the zones you will use.

b) If you travel with more people on your card, you must have a minimum balance of 1,40 € for each person travelling with you. When you validate at the end of your journey, you will be charged the corresponding fare for the zones you have used.

If three people travel through 2 zones: in this case, to validate at the beginning of your journey, you must have a balance of 0,72+1,40+1,40= total 3,52 €. Then you travel through 2 zones and validate upon exiting. In this case, the journey will cost 1,04 € (price of 2 zones) x 3 personas= 3,12 €. The system will only discount this amount from your card.

On the tram network:

Whether you travel alone or with someone else, you must only have a balance of 0,72 € per person; but if you changeover to the metro, you must have a balance of 1,40 € per additional person.

How many people can travel on one card?

A maximum of 60 people can use the card together, as long as the minimum balance is equivalent to 1,40 € per additional passenger, (the first passenger only needs 0,72 €, except for Airport).

What happens if I travel to the airport with my TuiN card?

At the airport, a supplement equivalent to a journey in zone D is charged so remember to have a balance of the corresponding cost to the number of zones you will cover (2 € for four zones and 1,40 € for three zones per passenger, including the first passenger).

How can I know the balance on my card?

The balance appears on the screen when you validate your card. You can also check your balance at ticket vending machines on the Metrovalencia website and in a few months on terminals at stations.

Will the Bonometro or the 60×60 disappear?

Initially no. If you have a card charged with a Bonometro, you may continue to use it until all the journeys are used. The TuiN card will progressively replace all other multi-journey tickets. Therefore we recommend that you change to the TuiN card in 2015 when your balance has run out. This way you will be able to enjoy all of the advantages of this new card.

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