Shops at Metrovalencia

Stations are not just passageways. Metrovalencia has equipped its stations with auxiliary services that help obtain a warmer, more comfortable environment and make your experience as pleasant as possible. We have already installed ATMs, vending machines, photo booths, business premises where you can find from cafeterias to a newsstand as well as a candy store.

Commercial Premises – Valencia Metro Lines

Location Size Monthly Fee without VAT Comments Image
Alginet 50 m2 330 € Complete refurbishing needed  Commercial premises available in Alginet station
Bailén 83 m2 440 €  Empty  Commercial premises available in Bailén station
Bétera 34 m2 310 € Kiosc or other options Commercial premises available in Bétera station
Mislata 36 m2 330 €  Empty  Commercial premises available in Mislata
Mislata 36 m2 430 € Coffe bar  Commercial premises available in Mislata station
Mislata-Almassil 27 m2 220 € Next to a school. Empty Commercial premises available in Mislata-Almassil station 
Mislata-Almassil 27 m2 220 €  Next to a school. Empty  Commercial premises available in Mislata-Almassil station
Nou d’Octubre 44 m2 330 € Empty  Commercial premises available in Nou d'Octubre station
Picassent 6 m2 165 € Kiosc Commercial premises available in Picassent station
Picassent 60 m2 350 € Coffe bar or other options Space available at Picassent Metrovalencia station
Meliana 9 m2 165 € kiosc Commercial Premises: Kiosc in Meliana
València Sud Office 1 m2 100 € (Annual Fee) ATM space available (**) ATM space available


ATM space available comments (**): 

  • Maximum date for submission of tenders: 30/03/2020, for the cashier to start operating at the beginning of April 2020.
  • Term: 1 year extendable up to 5 years.
  • It is established as a condition that FGV will pay the Payroll, Irpf and Social Security through the Bank that is awarded, during the term of the contract.

Commercial spaces occupied - Metrovalencia lines

Location Business Type Size Due date
Paiporta Bar restaurant 65 m2 12/10/2022
Fuente del Jarro Bar restaurant 70 m2 31/10/2021
Picanya Coffee bar 40 m2 30/09/2026
Seminari Coffee bar 75 m2 31/10/2026
Torrent Coffee bar 40 m2 31/12/2021
Xàtiva Coffee bar 62 m2 31/03/2026
Colón Bakery store 23 m2 15/11/2026
Colón ATM 1,5 m2 29/06/2016
Àngel Guimerà Candy shop 22 m2 30/06/2026
Xàtiva Shop 12 m2 31/10/2022
Massamagrell Press kiosc 9 m2 31/12/2026
Rafelbunyol Terrace 24 m2 01/08/2026
Villanueva de Castellón Coffee Bar 60 m2 03/08/2026
Empalme Coffe bar and kiosc 9 m2 01/12/2026
Àngel Guimerà Coffee Bar 18 m2 14/06/2021
Colón Shop 70 m2 30/04/2021
Colón Shop 37 m2 31/07/2027
Benimaclet Shop 22 m2 30/04/2029
Les Carolines-Fira Coffee Bar 45 m2 30/11/2028

Information telephone: 961 924 029 // 924 016 email contact: 


On April 2017 the 1st, the tender of commercial premises was published in Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana. You can find the conditions and specifications on this link.