TuiN: The easiest way to travel and save

TuiN: The easiest way to travel and saveWhat is the TuiN card?

This card permits journeys within the entire Metrovalencia network with any combination within zones at the same price per journey as the Bonometro card. It functions like a cash card and can be charged and recharged with a minimum of 10 euros and maximum of 100. Every time you validate it upon entry, the TuiN card discounts the amount of the journey from the balance according to the number of zones covered during the journey. 

It must be validated upon entering and exiting (only upon entering on Tram), as well as at changeovers between metro and tram or vice versa.

TuiN: The easiest way to travel and save

The TuiN card provides several commercial advantages not offered by other Metrovalencia cards:

  • The D Zone is considered to be the same as the C Zone (except Airport).
  • Journeys between adjoining stations from different zones (including intermediate halts between those stations) will only cost the equivalent of one zone.

For example, with the TuiN card journeys between Torrent and Picassent, L’Eliana and La Canyada or Mas del Rosari and Universitat Politècnica will cost the equivalent of one zone; and journeys from Villanueva de Castellón to Valencia will cost the equivalent of three zones.

How do the monthly limits work with the TuiN card?

TuiN: The easiest way to travel and saveYou must have a personalized FGV card, which can be applied for at Metrovalencia Customer Service Centres and Customer Service Kiosks.

The card records all expenditure during the calendar month and charges the same price per journey as any TuiN card user:

  • 1 zone: 0,72 €.
  • 2 zones: 1,04 €
  •  and 4 zones (except Airport): 1,40 €.
  • Airport: 2,00 €.

When your expenditure reaches the limits established per zone by Metrovalencia, the rest of your journeys throughout the month are free of charge. Here is an easy chart to help you better understand:

Monthly limit (*) after wich cardholders travel free of charge for the remainder of the month

1 zone 2 zones 3 and 4 zones Airport
41,00 € 53,00 € 63,00 € 63,00 €

(*) For personalized Metrovalencia TuiN Card

This way, once your expenditure amounts to 41,00 € in the same month, journeys within 1 zone will be free of charge; if your expenditure amounts to 53,00 €, journeys within 2 zones will be free of charge; if your expenditure amounts to 63,00 €, journeys within 3 and 4 zones will be free of charge and all journeys within the network will be free of charge during the remainder of the calendar month. Keep in mind that up until you reach the limit for each zone, journeys will be charged at the complete price per zone, even if there are only cents left to reach the limit. 

Can I travel with companions with my TuiN card?

TuiN: The easiest way to travel and saveYes, you can travel with up to 60 companions with your TuiN card. The expenditure incurred by them will not be taken into account when calculating your accumulated monthly expenditure. The fare per journey for your companions will be the same as any TuiN cardholder but only you will be able to take advantage of free journeys once reaching established limits.

What amount is retained from my balance on the TuiN card when I validate it upon entry to your network?

The initial amount retained from your balance on the TuiN card when validating it upon entry to our network depends on the journey you take:

  • 1 zone on tram (0,72 €).
  • 3 zones on metro (1,40 €)
  • 4 zones from Airport (2,00 €).

Once you have reached the limit for free journeys in one zone, the TuiN card will not retain any amount upon validation except when you travel with companions, in which case, the amount corresponding to each companion will be retained.  

For example, if you have spent 63,50 € in a calendar month, and you travel on the metro, the card will not retain any amount from your card balance and you will travel free of charge. If you travel with several companions, the TuiN card will retain  1,40 € for each companion and when you validate the card upon exiting, it will return the amount corresponding to the zones not travelled by your companions.

What advantages does the TuiN card offer in relation to Bonometro card?

The TuiN card allows you to travel throughout our network without the need of any other voucher. There is no need to worry about zones or stations travelled. In addition to its commercial advantages, you may travel accompained by up to 60 passengers with a single TuiN card at Bonometro tariffs and if you charge it unto a personalized card, once you spend a given amount during a calendar month, you do not have to pay for your journeys for the rest of that month.

How is the month measured for accumulated expenditure?

Accumulated expenditure is calculated within a calendar month, from the 1st day to the last day of every month. Therefore accumulated expenditure will be set at zero on the first of every month.