Bicycles regulations

BIKE + metro

Bring your bicycle on the metro and tram.


Work days

Your can transport your bicycle on ground level stretches only, unless it is folded.


Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Your can transport your bicycle throughout the network.


Your bike travels free

There is no additional cost for transporting bicycles. One bicycle per person.


Fallas and events

For safety reasons, during Fallas, la Nit de Sant Joan and other events, transporting bicycles is not permitted.


How to travel with your bicycle

Make sure your bicycle is secured and stand by it inside the vehicle in order to avoid causing any inconvenience or damage. Do not occupy any transit points. Do not ride your bicycle at stations, platforms or other facilities.


Reserved doors

The first and last train doors are reserved for passengers with reduced mobility; avoid using them with bicycles.



FGV may limit number of bicycles in a vehicle according to its capacity and occupation.


Damage to bicycles

FGV is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your bicycle.

Download the brochure of rules for bicycles + metro in PDF



Metrovalencia has prepared information on some interesting excursions which can be made by combining the Metro, tram and bike. Anyone interested can ask for further information.


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