Shops at Metrovalencia

Metrovalencia stations are much more than just a place to pass through. The commercial premises available are located in areas that are frequented by a large number of users and, depending on their location and size, offer different commercial possibilities.


Coffee shops, sweet shops, service companies, ATMs and vending machines are just some of the commercial proposals already present in Metrovalencia.

Commercial Premises – Valencia Metro Lines


Location Size Minimum monthly fee without VAT Comments Image
Benimaclet 22 m2 460 € Shop Shop at Benimaclet station
Bétera 34 m2 500 € Shop / Office Shop / Office at Bétera station
Godella 40 m2 1000 € Annual The space to be occupied is next to the platform that faces the tracks Commercial space available in Godella: Terrace
Meliana 9 m2 220 € kiosc kiosc at Meliana station
Mislata 36 m2 400 € Empty Commercial Premises – Valencia Metro at Mislata
Mislata 36 m2 500 € Coffee bar Coffee bar at Mislata station
Mislata-Almassil 27 m2 300 € Next to a school. Empty Next to a school. Empty, at Mislata Almassil
Mislata-Almassil 27 m2 300 € Next to a school. Empty Next to a school. Empty. At Mislata Almassil station
Nou d’Octubre 44 m2 500 € Empty Empty, at Nou d'Octubre station
Picassent  6 m2 220 € Kiosc Kiosc at Picassent station
Torrent 105  m2 850 € Coffee bar. The reform and building project will be paid for by the successful bidder (licence and Town Hall taxes).
Coffee bar at Torrent station

Commercial spaces occupied – Metrovalencia lines


Location Business Type Size Due date
Àngel Guimerà Candy shop 22 m2 30/06/2026
Castelló Coffee bar 60 m2 03/08/2026
Colón Bakery store 23 m2 15/11/2026
Colón Candy shop 70 m2 31/08/2026
Colón Care for the elderly 37 m2 31/08/2027
Empalme Coffe bar and kiosc 9 m2 01/12/2026
Godella Terrace bar 24 m2 26/05/2031
Les Carolines-Fira Coffee bar 45 m2 30/11/2028
Massamagrell Press kiosc 9 m2 31/12/2026
Paiporta Coffee bar 65 m2 31/05/2032
Picanya Coffee bar 40 m2 30/09/2026
Rafelbunyol Terrace 24 m2 01/08/2026
Rafelbunyol Terrace 20 m2 28/02/2025
Xàtiva Coffee bar 62 m2 31/03/2026
Xàtiva Shop 12 m2 31/10/2027



On April 2020 the 1st, the tender of commercial premises was published in Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana. You can find the conditions and specifications on this link.

Correction of errors in the specifications: In clause 3 (page 5) the first sentence where it says that it has been announced in the DOGV is deleted and replaced by “It has been announced in the FGV Contractor Profile”.

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