The metro is yours

With “The metro is yours” we intend to publicise everything that Metrovalencia offers and to contribute added value to the metro and tram transport service provided daily.
Activities and initiatives that bring Metrovalencia closer to society and to the users who use this public transport for their journeys.

Line 0 is an initiative based on the company’s responsibility towards society, providing a forum for solidarity, capable of responding to non-profit proposals that benefit society as a whole.

The leisure and free time proposals also have their own space and from here we propose different itineraries and routes that, on foot or by bicycle, will allow you to better familiarise yourself with places of interest to which Metrovalencia brings you closer.

Awareness campaigns such as “El metro és teu. Espai de convivència, cuida’l” that encourage our travellers to use the metro with respect for other users.

El metro és teu

In collaboration with the Valencia Professional Illustrators Association (APIV), several campaigns have been carried out, aimed at showing travellers and other users the importance of respecting the facilities.

To date, illustrators such as Juárez Casanova, Eduardo Pelegrín Martínez de Pisón, known professionally as Calpurnio, Pau Valls, Virginia Lorente, Mikko, Santi Vicente, Núria Tamarit and Luna Pan have participated in this proposal.

Metroescola, an activity to foster the knowledge and promotion of public and collective transport, the metro and tram as sustainable means of transport and as spaces for coexistence.

FGV is recognised as a company that guarantees social commitment to the user. FGV’s school visits project aims to offer educational institutions activities that form part of their didactic approaches, providing teachers with the appropriate support to work on content related to public transport, especially the metro and tram, linked to the school curriculum.