Advertising on the metro and tram is a very effective option. Hundreds of thousands of people use this kind of transport to go to work or school. There are different types of supports for advertising in strategic spots. We are also open to new ideas for spectacular promotional events at our stations.

Why advertise at Metrovalencia?

  • 65 % travel every working day
  • 41 % take two trips daily
  • almost half travel for work
  • 26 % are student
  • 44 % are FP, BUP or COU graduates

Advertising Supports

There are different types of supports in different sizes at our facilities: billboards (2 x 1,5 mts.), back-lights supports (1,76 x 1,20) and advertising structures at metro entrances. You can also insert your advertising inside the coaches, in the dowels above the seats.

Metrovalencia advertising supports


Advertising on Trams and trains

Metro and Tram coaches can also be advertising supports with a huge impact. With micro perforated vinyl, create an integral or partial theme train.

Advertising on Trams and trains of Metrovalencia


Promotional Actions

Other types of actions such as handing out leaflets and samples or spectacular advertising can also be carried out at our station.


Advertising on maps

Advertising can be printed on our pocket maps and in other information brochures.

For more information on advertising at the metro: