Advertising on Valencia’s metro and tram is a way to reach a wide urban audience with the possibility of combining different types of media including static and moving spaces, spectacular marketing formats and digital screens. The Metrovalencia network records more than 7.5 million trips per month on average, including passengers who travel for work, study, leisure or tourism.

Why advertise in Metrovalencia?

  • Large Urban Coverage: The Valencia metro covers a large metropolitan area, allowing your message to reach a wide urban audience.
  • High Passenger Flow: Hundreds of thousands of people use the metro daily, providing a constant and diverse audience for your advertising messages.
  • Diverse Audience: The metro welcomes people of different demographics and profiles, allowing you to reach a wide and varied audience.
  • Prolonged Exposure Time: Users spend a significant amount of time inside the stations, with enough time to remember the message.
  • Urban Context: The metro stations are strategically located in different parts of the city, providing coverage in commercial, residential and tourist areas and including numerous media types outside the stations.
  • Advertising Innovation: The media offer opportunities for advertising innovation such as interactive, differentiating installations and the creation of immersive experiences, thus generating a strong link with the target audience.

Advertising media

Metrovalencia Advertising media

The metro network has different types and sizes of media such as 6×2.1 m murals, 2×1.5 m billboards or 1.76×1.2 m boards. It also includes advertising spaces such as digital screens, elevators, handrails and hallways to the interior of the stations.

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Advertising on trams and trains

Metrovalencia advertising on trams and trains

Trams allow for their structure to be customised in an integral or partial way, making them high-impact advertising media. The Valencia tramway covers strategic urban areas, including commercial, tourist and residential areas, offering the opportunity to reach a very diverse audience. Tram advertisements are visually striking, as these vehicles are an essential part of the urban landscape and capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers.


Promotional actions

Other types of promotional or advertising actions can be carried out at the stations, such as setting up stands, distributing brochures, handing out samples, special customisation of areas, etc.


Advertising on pocket maps

Your advertisement may appear on the pocket maps and in the different informative publications.

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