P + M

Metrovalencia has a wide network of free parking lots next to some of its stations and stops.
Park the car and continue your journey by metro.

Stations with P+M and approximate number of spaces

  • Alginet: 50 parking spaces, L1
  • Bétera: 60 parking spaces, L1
  • Burjassot: 250 parking spaces (Town parking), L1
  • Carlet: 40 parking spaces, L1
  • Empalme: 40 parking spaces, L1 – L2
  • Fondo de Benaguasil: 30 parking spaces (Town parking), L2
  • Font Almaguer: 42 parking spaces, L1
  • Fuente del Jarro: 52 parking spaces, L2
  • L’Eliana: 39 parking spaces (Town parking), L2
  • La Pobla de Vallbona: 40 parking spaces, L2
  • La Presa: 123 parking spaces, L9
  • Llíria: 41 parking spaces, L2
  • Manises: 28 parking spaces (Town parking), L3, L5, L9
  • Masía de Traver: 198 parking spaces, L9
  • Massarrojos: 62 parking spaces, L1
  • Paiporta: 50 parking spaces (Town parking), L1 – L2 – L7
  • Paterna: 23 parking spaces, L2
  • Riba-roja de Túria: 47 parking spaces, L9
  • Rocafort: 54 parking spaces, L1
  • Sant Ramón: 3 parking spaces, L1
  • Sant Isidre: 115 parking spaces (Town parking), L1 – L2 – L7
  • Santa Rita: 133 parking spaces (Town parking), L2
  • Seminari-CEU: 48 parking spaces (Town parking), L1
  • Quart de Poblet: 562 parking spaces (Town parking), L3 – L5 – L9
  • València la Vella: 38 parking spaces (Town parking), L9
  • València Sud: 590 parking spaces, L1 – L2 – L7



Parking Bikes + Metro

Cycle to your station and continue your journey on the metro

  • Alberic
  • Ayora
  • Bailén
  • Benaguasil
  • Bétera
  • Burjassot-Godella
  • Carlet
  • Castelló
  • Empalme
  • Fondo de Benaguasil
  • Fuente del Jarro
  • Font Almaguer
  • Godella
  • La Canyada
  • L’Eliana
  • Llíria
  • Moncada – Alfara
  • Massarrojos
  • Mislata-Almassil
  • Masia de Traver
  • Nou d’Octubre
  • Paiporta
  • Paterna (From the town hall, payment)
  • Patraix
  • Rafelbunyol
  • Riba-roja de Túria
  • Rocafort
  • Seminari – CEU (From the town hall, payment)
  • Torrent Avinguda
  • València Sud

Bicycles parking
Acces to travel regulations

Acces to bicycles regulations

Logo de Cicloparc

CicloParc at Metrovalencia


Cicloparc installed at the following stations

  • Torrent Avinguda station
  • Empalme station
  • Alboraia Peris-Aragó station
  • Quart de Poblet station


  • This enclosure is an FGV Cyclopark. In it, Metrovalencia customers can park their bicycle or scooter according to the conditions established.
  • To access the Cyclopark, it is necessary to place the card onto the reader located next to the entrance door.
  • The bicycles or scooters must be placed in the areas provided for this purpose, without taking up more space than that reserved for each one.
  • Each person must carry their own padlock if they want to tie their bicycle or scooter.
  • The Cyclopark is an add-on service to the journey. FGV is not responsible for any bicycles, scooters or objects deposited here.
  • The maximum time a bike can stay within the Cyclopark is 24 hours. After this time, FGV can proceed to remove it.
  • Should you require more information or need to report an incident, you can contact us via the customer service number 900461046.

Acces to travel regulation
Acces to bicycles regulations