P + M

Metrovalencia has a wide network of free parking lots next to some of its stations and stops.
Park the car and continue your journey by metro.

Stations with P+M and approximate number of spaces

  • Alginet: 50 parking spaces, L1
  • Benaguasil 1r: 30 parking spaces (Town parking), L2
  • Bétera: 60 parking spaces, L1
  • Burjassot: 250 parking spaces (Town parking), L1
  • Empalme: 40 parking spaces, L1 – L2
  • Font Almaguer: 42 parking spaces, L1
  • Fuente del Jarro: 52 parking spaces, L2
  • L’Eliana: 39 parking spaces, L2
  • La Pobla de Vallbona: 40 parking spaces, L2
  • La presa: 123 parking spaces, L9
  • Llíria: 41 parking spaces, L2
  • Manises: 28 parking spaces (Town parking), L3, L5, L9
  • Masía de Traver: 198 parking spaces, L9
  • Massarrojos: 62 parking spaces, L1
  • Paiporta: 50 parking spaces, L1 – L2 – L7
  • Paterna: 23 parking spaces (Town parking), L2
  • Riba-roja de Túria: 47 parking spaces, L9
  • Rocafort: 54 parking spaces, L1
  • Sant Ramón: 3 parking spaces, L1
  • Sant Isidre: 115 parking spaces (Town parking), L1 – L2 – L7
  • Santa Rita: 133 parking spaces (Town parking), L2
  • Seminari-CEU: 48 parking spaces, L1
  • Quart de Poblet: 562 parking spaces (Town parking), L3 – L5 – L9
  • València la Vella: 38 parking spaces, L9
  • València Sud: 590 parking spaces, L1 – L2 – L7



Parking Bikes + Metro

Cycle to your station and continue your journey on the metro

  • Lliria
  • Benaguasil 2n
  • Benaguasil 1r
  • L’Eliana
  • La Canyada
  • Fuente del Jarro
  • Paterna (Of the Town Hall, Pay Parking)
  • Empalme
  • Bétera
  • Seminari (Of the Town Hall, Pay Parking)
  • Moncada
  • Massarrojos
  • Rocafort
  • Godella
  • Burjassot-Godella
  • València Sud
  • Paiporta
  • Torrent Avinguda
  • Patraix
  • Font Almaguer
  • Carlet
  • Alberic
  • Castelló
  • Nou d’Octubre
  • Mislata-Almassil
  • Riba-roja de Túria
  • Masia de Traver
  • Ayora
  • Bailén
  • Rafelbunyol

Bicycles parking
Acces to travel regulations

Acces to bicycles regulations

Logo de Cicloparc

CicloParc at Metrovalencia


Cicloparc installed at the following stations

  • Torrent Avinguda station
  • Empalme station
  • Alboraya Peris-Aragó station
  • Quart de Poblet station


  • This enclosure is an FGV Cyclopark. In it, Metrovalencia customers can park their bicycle according to the conditions established.
  • To access the Cyclopark, it is necessary to place the card onto the reader located next to the entrance door.
  • The maximum capacity allowed within this enclosure is one person. If you have to wait outside in order to enter, please remember to follow health guidelines such as keeping your distance from other people.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask when inside the enclosure, as well as to clean your hands with hand sanitiser.
  • The bicycles must be placed in the areas provided for this purpose, without taking up more space than that reserved for each one.
  • Each person must carry their own padlock if they want to tie their bicycle.
  • The Cyclopark is an add-on service to the journey. FGV is not responsible for any bicycles or objects deposited here.
  • The maximum time a bike can stay within the Cyclopark is 24 hours. After this time, FGV can proceed to remove it.
  • Should you require more information or need to report an incident, you can contact us via the customer service number 900461046.

Download the terms of use of FGV Cyclopark in PDF
Acces to travel regulation
Acces to bicycles regulations