Scrap vehicles

We would like to make it known that six vehicles of the FGV fleet are going to be sold, because they are in scrap condition. Any person or company interested in any of these vehicles may submit a bid in a sealed envelope by registration at FGV to the attention of the Accessory Revenue Service, fulfilling all the requirements indicated below for each vehicle.

Scrap vehicles
Registration Model Minimum fee
V-5347-FT Citroën Jumper 2.5 D 249,00 €
7690 GDS Nissan Navara 258,00 €
0428 CLY Citroën Jumpy 188,00 €
5130 DNZ Citroën Jumpy 188,00 €
0423 CLY Citroën Jumpy 188,00 €
2794 GFL Citroën Berlingo 171,00 €


  • The bid must be given in a sealed envelope individually for each vehicle, never jointly.
  • It is essential to deregister it or change its name before removing the vehicle from our facilities.
  • Remove the corporate colours of FGV (if someone decides to repair any for use demonstrable by photographic proof before 1 month).
  • The purchaser must remove them from our facilities by their own means.
  • Note: all related costs shall be borne by the purchasers.


The vehicles are all in a significant state of disrepair, without batteries and other accessories due to lack of use for several years. They have external damage and flaws visible to the naked eye, as well as missing parts and elements also visible to the naked eye.


The internal condition of the vehicles is unknown, as well as the possible hidden defects or defects that may exist and even those that may be seen in addition to those mentioned in the preceding paragraph. TO THIS EFFECT, THE RIGHT OF FGV TO GIVE COMPENSATION FOR EVICTION IS EXPRESSLY WAIVED AND ALL BIDDERS MUST STATE IN THEIR BIDS THEIR EXPRESS WAIVER OF THE RIGHT TO GAIN COMPENSATION FOR EVICTION. They are therefore delivered as they are without warranty or vehicle inspection because that is why they are for scrapping, regardless of what each interested party then wants to do with them, so FGV disclaims any responsibility for their acquisition and use once they have been handed over to the purchaser.


The period for submission of bids will begin at the time of publication of this notice and will end on 16 December 2022 at 14:00.